Lightweight Fair Isle Scarf Pattern?

My sister lives in California. She wants me to knit her a Fair Isle scarf, but she wants it to be lightweight since she doesn’t experience really cold weather in her life (lucky!). I’m looking for a pattern for this lightweight scarf.

Any ideas? Or do you think I can take any Fair Isle pattern and just use really lightweight yarn???

What would you do?

There are some patterns for scarves on Ravelry that are for fingering weight yarn.
You could try an advanced search for other light yarn weights too.
Fair isle makes a very warm knit fabric because it’s essentially doubled, with a strand carried across the back. You’d need to deal with the back in some way too, to cover the strands, perhaps with a light lining.
I wonder if a simple scarf with fair isle trim would work?
Yes, you could certainly use any pattern that appeals to you for the scarf.