Light's here! Hurry, all knitters!

I thought I should share this with everybody…

Okay… I just found out that OTT-LITE® Easy View Craft Lamp that comes with a 3x Magnifier as a bonus attachment is currently on sale at They are offering 40% off for TODAY’S PURCHASE ONLY (7/27), which brings the price down to only about $77. If you have a Jo-Ann store near you, the lamp is also on sale until Aug 4 for a price of $83.99. This lamp is great for knitters - I’m sure some of you know that already!

Enjoy knitting!

Yummy…I have to get one of those one day :thumbsup:

Unfortunately the 40% off is only for full price items. Did you get it to work?

I wasn’t able to find it. :??

I have a JoAnn store here and it will be easier for me to pick one up from the store directly so I didn’t place my order online but I did go through the order on their website just to see if the 40% off was legit. It worked for me this morning. The coupon code was JULH6402.

I wondered if they changed the policy all of a sudden :thinking:

P.S. : I noticed you have Hugh Laurie as your avatar… just so you know I think he’s a hunk!! I like him A LOT!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Here’s the link:

I think the 40% will work on the site still for sale items but it will only take it off the full price. Joann’s stores will NOT take the coupons for items that are on sale anymore at all (not even at the full price.) It is actually written on their coupons now too…hmph!

Bummer! :verysad:

It worked this morning but since I didn’t complete my order, I wondered if the price would automatically be adjusted once the order was complete. I’m sorry for getting everybody excited there for a while.

The store still sells it for $83.99, though.

I have this lamp made by the Daylight Company. They are around $50 and I like it better than any of the ones at Joanns. I also think the ones at Joanns are marked up and then the “sale” price is actually what other stores sell them for.

I have also seen some natural light lamps at Tuesday Morning recently.

I found this one. It is priced at $129.00 I think I will see what my lamp is like that I ordered from FirstStreet Online, that is if it ever comes (ordered and shipped 7/11)

I normally knit at night and when I do knit during daytime, by the window, I can actually see the difference between daytime and nighttime knitting.
Guess which ones are neater… lol

Natural sunlight does make a difference…

I am going to check out the lamp at JoAnn store and post a picture on my blog tonight (if I end up buying it!) so everybody can see if it’s the same as the one they offer online for $129.99.