Lighting for knitting

I have a lamp with a 100 watt incandescent bulb. I don’t feel like it’s bright enough (I have always liked bright light) and it gets hot (the flashes are quite enough thank you).

I have thought about getting a clip on gooseneck LED lamp which is much cooler and bright but what about those daylight fluorescent lamps? One brand is OTT, I think. Are they worth the money? They are pretty pricey. I would appreciate input from those that have either of these two lights…or any other advise.

Thanks a million.

Bonnie in NJ

I purchased a Bell & Howell from Sears (on-line), the floor model which was half the price of the OTT; I’ve also see ads for them in knitting mags. QVC has something similar but not as pricey as the OTT. I think I paid $69.99 plus shipping.

I think it is worth it as the light is bright and cool; I wear bifocals and it seems to be easier on my eyes. I was having trouble seeing the stitches in dark colored yarns. I had been using a table lamp with a three-way bulb and the shade tilted out of the way to expose the bare bulb and still having trouble. The B&H lamp seems to be worth it for me as evenings are the only time I get to knit.

I don’t have any special lighting, but I’d say anything that makes your knitting experience better has got to be worth it!!

They have those natural light lamps at JoAnn’s with the attached magnifying glass that look pretty cool. Since they have 40% off coupons so often, you could probably get it for a decent price.