Lightbulb question

my grandmother is looking for a light bulb for knitting , she tried one of these reveal 60w(uses 15w), she doesnt like it. what kind of light bulb would you recommend


An Ott light might be one to try, you can find it at JoAnn fabrics online .

my mom got an ott-lite ( a few weeks ago at joann’s when they were on a half-price sale, plus she got either a military or senior discount. it’s one of the bigger models with the heavy floor base. but, when i was at fred meyer/kroger this past week, i saw they carried ott-lite bulbs with regular screw-in bottoms. so you may be able to just buy the bulb and use it in a lamp you already own. that would be much cheaper.

I have a cheap version of an Ott light that I got at Home Depot. They are awesome!

I found a floor lamp with full spectrum bulb clearanced at Fred Meyer. I got it and a battery operated LED table light, also clearnced, for when I’m away from a good light source…like not at home…and together I think they were about $30.