Light to knit by

Hey guys, I was wondering, how much light do you guys need to knit by? I see pretty well in a room with little lighting, and my knitting seems better in less light. Am I weird, or am I not the only one? Oh and I’m almost finished my scarf for James :woot: :woohoo:

I knit under an OTT LITE. I can’t knit for long with minimal lighting.

I love to knit outside under a shade tree on nice days, too.

For me it depends on what I’m working on. It is full of detail, I like to have a lot of light. If it’s a simple garter stitch, or stockinette stitch or even a crocheted granny square I’m good with not much light.

I like to have really good lighting especially with darker yarns. If its not top hot or cold I like to sit outside, but I’m mostly indoors and I have a less expensive version of an Ott light I got at Home Depot.

Lighting works wonders with photos, too. :wink: