Lift, turn flip, untangle the knot, which way now?

I’m knitting a shawl on circular’s, but using them as straight. I’ve just transferred it from the straights because it’s gotten too wide.

My question is, how do I turn? I’m so confused and I don’t thing it makes a blind bit of different but I wanna check.

Do I pass the left side over the right, or the right over the left or something else, or does it not matter?

Make sense?

I’ve tied myself in knots trying to work it out! :teehee:

It doesn’t matter, but alternating between the two is your best best. If you keep going in the same direction, the yarn can get twisted.

[color=indigo]When you get to the end of the row, drop the empty needle (if very full, put a point protecter on it to save the sts), put the needle with the working yarn attached in your left hand, pick up the empty needle and begin knitting again.[/color]