Lifelines, vents and other grumblings (with question at end)

My younger son had swim meets yesterday and today in the AM, so I thought what a great opportunity to get going on my Picovoli sweater! I have swatched and washed/dried the swatch (which ended up giving the same results as the swatch but it was the right thing to do)…soooooo I cast on yesterday…get to about cast on 100 out of 140…oops too short, so start over. I get casted on do a few rows life is good.

Today I am moving merrily along on this project…there is a part where you KFB in front of and after the markers… No worries, working along…and then I got distracted…dropped a stitch…right at the KFB point…tried to fix. Problem got worse…and worse and worse. Ironically, I had just been thinking…I should put a lifeline in here so I don’t have to do this stupid cast on again!

I finally gave it up. I can fix dropped stitches now (yay me) but not dropped stitches at the KFB point. I ripped. HOped I could pick up maybe a few rows below, nope the damage I had done with my attempted fix was irrevocable. Will start again tonight. Will insert lifeline next time.

So, when knitting in the circular, how do you do a lifeline??? Just pick any random point and insert the thread around? And next question…I am doing this on 5’s on my Denises…is dental floss perhaps the best thing to do???

When I do a lifeline on my Denise circs I used dental floss attached at the join and just knit it in carefully. When I got to the end of the row I removed it from the needle. If it’s long enough and you think it won’t go anywhere you can just leave it, if you are concerned you can tie a loose knot. I also move it up every few inches (or whatever you are comfortable with.)

Thanks, Jan, I wasnt sure if dental floss would fit in there or not :)…

I will say, so far I am very impressed with Knit Picks Shine - it isn’t terribly splitty, it washed and dried nicely, and it has alot more flexibility than I thought it would have. Overall a nice yarn, and you can’t beat the price!!

Thank heavens I only had about 2 inches done - the lesson I learned here is that it is never too soon to insert a lifeline…I had considered doing one just one row before (on a row where they didnt have those pesky KFB’s)…

I always keep track of where the beginning of my round is, ie the join. I usually put a safety pin in between the stitches there. when I do a lifeline, I pause in my knitting and use a tapestry needle with waste yarn to drag it across. I go in every stitch. I just found that this was the best way for me, especially when knitting in the round.

I use waste yarn for stitch holders, too, and I leave it in as a lifeline when I pick up those stitches. Just in case. :wink: Good luck!