Lifeline question

I was going to put a lifeline in with the holes on my harmony needles but then I realized that all my stitch markers are going to end up on it too… (I’ve got a bunch they help me see if I’ve made a mistake) Is there a way to get around them doing it that way?


Yep. When you get to a marker just slip it to the other needle and run the lifeline past it instead of through it.

I normally use a tapestry needle to run the lifeline.

That’s how I usually do it too… but if you have interchangables you can put the life line in the hole but I’m not sure how you keep the stitch markers from getting on it then…

Yeah, that can be a problem. I usually use a needle and yarn as well, but I have used the holes on the needles. You can take a safety pin or removable marker and just mark the space where the marker would go. Then on the next row replace the markers.

I’m not understanding Mason’s instructions because if you slip the marker to the other needle wouldn’t the lifeline go through it? :??

If you have enough stitch markers - can you leave them on that row with the lifeline, then put new ones in the next row. when you go back to remove that lifeline those stitch markers will fall out… I think??

The only easy solution I can come up with is using open stitch markers.

I use a tapestry needle and a length of dif coloured yarn and run the needle and yarn through the stitches but not through the stitch marker. I do this at every last row of the pattern repeat, and then when finish the next patt repeat I check it and then pull out the lifeline thread and thread it through again. Seems to work. If you go through the marker it cannot be moved up each row. Does this make sense?

I love these, greatest lil invention!!

Mirl, you know I think I do have enough… I use little hair elastics so I get like 100 in a set (and it’s super cheap)… I may have to try it this way…

Abbily, I have some of those, just not enough for this pattern,

Thank you all!

I use a darning needle with embroidery thread and just go around the markers. Never tried using the hole in my Options…

I usually use locking stitch markers–that way I can just open and move them.

However, if you just pay attention and remember, you can simply not put the needle through the marker…as Mason said, slide it over and don’t put your needle in the marker, but under the marker and into the next stitch. It’s not hard.