Life Sized Dog Model Stuffed Plushes for Pet Clothing Design Models

I want to start knitting dog clothing, but I really think I need life-sized models both for size testing and modeling for the website.

I can not find dogs that are all true to size ANYWHERE. I type in enough modifiers in Google and get nothing. (And try fewer restrictions and get nothing correct.) Like the chihuahuas are huge (for them) and Bichons are tiny… argh!!!

Melissa and Doug - nope, check out their Chihuahua, Animal Alley, I don’t think so, and there aren’t many of them available online.

Every shop that advertises something similar is either off or specializes in LARGE dogs. Then they upsize Chihuahuas!!! A Chihuahua model is very important. I’d like one of each size type.

I could find them individually, but I’m having trouble finding any breeds listing their LENGTH. Always weight, sometimes height. And I can’t match ANYTHING up.

If you even know of ONE BREED (preferrably a highly fashionable one - meaning they tend to wear clothes) please respond!!!

Thanks so much, I started on one doggie dress, but I’m not sure I can move on without the models. (I got the chest size measurement for an XS to start, eh.)


Am I crazy if I order those life-size figurines? (Standing of course, as to not effect size by the flatness of the lying.)

Whoa I read this page wrong before (where I found them) too expensive for life-size!! aww :frowning:

And the long hair is hard - duh!


I’m not sure how helpful life sized model would be really. I have a lab. So do 3 of my neighbors. All 4 dogs are very different. Bentley- my dog is built stockier, he is not over weight he just has a wider chest area. One of my neighbor’s labs is longer i than Bentley. 2 of them are taller. They are all helathy weights but they differ in weight by 20 pounds.

The same goes for my friend’s pugs. They are part of a pug group and one of their pugs is bigger than most and the other is much smaller.

All of the dogs I am talking about are pure bred. Don’t even get me started on mixed breed sizing.

Just my $.02

My neighbor’s and my mini dachs are way different sizes also. Mine looks like a giant compared to theirs!