Life line help

How do you start a life line after you have passed it? I am making fingerless gloves. I have one done. On second one, I got through with rib knit band and messed up on count. I want to start at end of rib knit. I can easily see the two knit stitches but, the two pearls, I can’t identify to pick them up. Will someone explain what they would look like? Thanks in advance.

How far back do you have to go? Are you working in stockinette? If I couldn’t fix it otherwise I would rip back to a row or two before the rib and then tink to get the stitches back on the needles.

Those are very helpful sites that GG linked to. Yes, the purls are harder to pick up because they tend to curl to the back but picking up as you tink the last row helps. It may also help to use a smaller needle to pick up the sts.

I agree with GG, I too would unravel until 1 or 2 rows before then tink back. When you get back to the spot you want to be at take time to add a lifeline before proceeding on. I have done this many times now I probably over use lifelines by others way of thinking. On fingerless gloves I now put one at the end of cuff ribbing, after thumb gusset that keeps my thumb stitches live and marks the beginning of the rest of palm/finger area. On other projects I add them whenever there is a change from ribbing to stockenette or other major pattern change. If simple pattern all in stockenette I’ll add one every 10-20 rows if something is new to me I’ll add one every 2-5 rows or after every chart. I’m new to lace so lifelines are away of life.

How many lifelines you use is totally up to you. More than once I’ve wished I had one and didn’t. I don’t recall anyone say, dangit! I used a lifeline when I shouldn’t have.