Life Line failed to keep me afloat

Somebody hates me I just know it… I was finally smart enough to install a life line, to bad it sank to the bottom.

I have a cold…Today while working on my stupid dish towel I screwed it up again… No problem I put in a life line… Then I sneezed…When I opened my eyes to look around all I was holding was the stupid life line… I couldn’t have done that in a million years if I had tried too.


The dog and cats ran away from me.

Oh no…that bites! What pattern are you doing?

Are there a particular set of stitches that are giving you trouble?

Maybe we could find a video. Seeing the pattern in action can help tremendously. That way you could follow along with the video.

That stinks, but that was a really funny visual for me! Thanks for the giggle.

Ouch. Just keep practicing. I learned, after I first injured my shoulder, that it was not the best possible thing to try to knit while under the influence of pain killers. That may be a good idea for cold meds as well :slight_smile:

yup, me too. hope you’re feeling better now. thank goodness it was a dishcloth and not an afghan!