Life in My world

Hmm… I decided to start a blog. Well, a blog on here. Maybe keep the meandering and musings down to a trickle on the General Forum. :slight_smile:
Hmm… a couple things about me:

  1. My chosen name is Adanna.
  2. I live in MO
  3. I live on a farm
  4. I love avocados
  5. I talk to both my mom’s mom and my dad’s mom more than my parents do (not that they don’t talk to them, I just talk to them so much more)
  6. My family is multiracial
  7. I’m kinda a hippie/crunchy granola
  8. I am building a studio this summer
  9. I have 6 siblings
  10. And two parents
  11. I am not supposed to have any sugar which I firmly negate. (Doc don’t like me very much.)
  12. I love fruit
  13. I have 4 goats, a dog, and a shep. :smiley:
  14. My family has 9 goats
  15. 42 chickens
  16. 24 ducks
  17. Only 7 dogs at the moment (puppies brought it up to 15 this summer!!)
  18. We don’t watch tv. Well, maybe once every two months, or when we visit someone.
  19. I have an Etsy shop
  20. I love knitting
  21. I think of myself as an artist
  22. My forms of art include knitting,
  23. Crochet
  24. Sewing
  25. Metal working (not much of this at ALL but I enjoy it(
  26. Wood working
  27. Beading
  28. Photography
  29. Being
  30. I love children, and hope to have as many as the good Lord send my way
  31. I am a strong pro life believer, and I beleive that the pro life movement shouldn’t stop at birth.
  32. I am Italian, Amerindian, Irish and Scottish by descent. And I have a temper to match it.
  33. I have been known to coming this >.< close to slugging a DJ, and screaming at him
  34. I am not proud of that fact.
  35. I have an aunt who is a year younger than me…
  36. I make smoothies just about every day. 'Cept in the winter.
  37. Spring and fall are my fave seasons.
  38. I love to read
  39. My librarian lets me go over the book limit
  40. I wish my library had more knitting books. It has one, from 20 years ago.
  41. My dog is a sheltie and a mini at that.
  42. I am home schooled
  43. Spelling is the only area I immensely dislike.
  44. I excel at English and LA
  45. I love using large words
  46. If you sentence has been structured incorrectly, I have probably mentally rewritten it for you.
  47. I use fox fire for spell check
  48. My mom hates Fox fire
  49. I don’t curse
  50. I am a Christian

(And those are in no specific order. :D)

Welcome to the blogs!!

Last night I made perogies… I used a recipe off All recipes… Grandma’s Polish Perogies. They turned out VERY good. It took about 4 hours from start to finish, (maybe 3 1/2) but every single person complimented me on it at least once. And dad wanted me to pack a lunch with it for him!!
Oh yeah, I have enough frozen to make him several more meals for work.

The kitchen is clean, LR getting there, and I still need to clean my closet today… So that will be joyous loads of fun. LOL

I want to make pot pie again today, but I don’t know. I may wait till next week. Mom told me how to make the crust better, so I am excited about trying that out.


Welcome to the blogs! :hug:

  1. I am Italian, Amerindian, Irish and Scottish by descent. [B]And I have a temper to match it.[/B]

That made me giggle. :rofl: I’m German, Dutch, Irish, and something else.

I have yet to try making homemade perogies.

And pot pie crust isn’t exactly hard. Although everyone makes it different, it’s just something that takes a good bit of practice and someone to guide you. :wink:

LOL I have been cooking for 10+ years, and I have yet to get it right. LOL But mom said she will help me.

I am working on a glove pattern… A pattern to publish plus a gift for dad. LOL It’s turning out very nicley. I’m using WOtA in Mocha Twist (I bought some when they were selling out… I don’t think they sell this color anymore.) and Tidepool heather. I’ll post pictures later on.

Hello everyone!
Yesterday a really neat email forward came… It was one of those blank things you have to fill in the blanks… Most are about you. Like, YOU fill in things about YOU. This one you send out blank to all your friends, and they send you a blank one back, and then they fill out theirs. Then you take the blank one and fill it out about them, and send it back. It takes 10 minutes and it was so much fun to read the answers my friends put down. One of my friends knows me so well… She only got one or two answers wrong. LOL My mom read it and said the same thing. :slight_smile: This friend was also very good at wording her answers in a way to make me laugh. She is an awesome friend. :heart:

I bought some yarn on black Friday. I about DIED when I bought some yarn just for me… I NEVER buy yarn for me. It’s just not me. I rarily spend 3$ bucks on myself, much less any more. Well the other day I walked into a new lys (not new, but new to me) and I was in nirvana. Seriously, it was the nicest yarn store I have ever shopped at. The service was nice, it wasn’t all college students (like my old lys was)… there was a very nice mix. No one stared at me or was snooty becuase I was younger, no one followed me like I was shop lifting… And you could tell they had confidence in their shoppers… It was lovely.
BUT anyhow, as soon as I walked in Simply Fibers, I saw the Noro. It was kinda a Woah moment. After hearing about the yarn for so long, it was awesome to be able to see it in real life. I didn’t buy any Noro… But I did look at it for a long time. I ended up buying some $16 sock yarn. :open_mouth: It is sooooo pretty… it’s from Knit One Crochet too. You can find it on their website. It’s ty-dy sock in Magenta moss.
I also bough a lovely skein of Cascade 220. Gorgeous heather, creamy and stunning.
My aunt was with me, and she bough 3 skeins of grey encore worsted so I could make her Evangeline, a matching scarf, and depending on how much I have left over, a hat. :slight_smile: When she gets back to Nashville, she’s going to find a lys and try to find someone who will give her lessons. :slight_smile:

Thanksgiving went very well. Nothing super fancy or anything, but it was nice. We had most of our family over… It totaled up to about 40 people. We all stayed at my uncle’s house, except one of my aunts, who got a hotel room. It was very sad though… For the first time I have ever went to Thanksgiving, Grandma Sylvia was always there. She passed away on October 9th, and we all missed her so much. Mom made a huge bowl of Cranberry walnut salad… but it wasn’t eaten. My grandma K (gma, gma S was a great grandma) couldn’t walk by without crying… None of my siblings could eat it, mom just tasted it… And it’s still sitting in the refridgorator. We all miss Gma so much.

On a lighter note, Trish, Gwen and Bella (oh she would sure hate to know that I said her name last, the diva) are all expecting. Last year Trish had twin boys, which was so neat… (Not them being boys, but just the what happened) We were moving, and I was home alone in Kansas, watching the littles. Mom, Dad and a couple of the kids, some friends, and my grandparents were down in MO. My aunt heard that I was going to be delivering some goaties, and (since we lived less than a 15th of a mile away from a major highway, and on the other side of us there was another huge highway) decided to stay with me. She stayed till 4am, when my parents got home from their moving trip… And then she had to go to work. So she left… And wouldn’t you know it, the next night, when everyone was gone again, and I was REALLY alone, was when she decided to pop. LOL There were some difficulties, and I had to pull the kids, and the only thing I learned was not to wear gloves in the future. It was freezing, and actaully snowing on me and the goats. And I was wearing cotton nursing gloves which did nothing but soak up the fluid and make it freeze to my hands. LOL It was really neat though. I am so excited about these three being due soon. (And oh joy, just in time for snow. LOL :teehee:)

Darn it’s hard to order yarn for Christmas when half the yarn is sold out… :frowning: