Life has no meaning

Today I brought my knitting, but somehow not the pattern! Woe is me, nothing to do on the train ride home (30-40 mins). I just checked my e-mail box hoping that at some point I had emailed myself the scanned copy. No luck. The horror, the horror. :pout:

Awww, sorry for the bad luck. Perhaps you could do something for practice, like a new stitch or something? :pray:

DOH!! I was hoping to knit today as well but work is getting in the way!

:passedout: total tragedy!!!:waah:

It is tragic! :waah:

Yup when you’re addicted you’re addicted! The other day I brought my knitting and there was only one needle in the bag :roll:

It pays to keep 2 projects with you at all times! The big one and a little one… oh, I know, you could buy a new knitting magazine somewhere and read that on the way home? !

I can’t stand getting stuck for any length of time w/out a book or knitting :ick:. I vote for a knitting mag too! I :heart: reading knitting mags/patterns. You can get some inspiration for the next big project!

Where can you get a knitting mag besides a LYS?

Borders and B&N usually have some.


There is a Books a million downstairs!! :cheering: WHOOP!!

I knew you would all understand :hug:

I feel your pain.