A good place for books with lots of knitting projects is at the library. They have “How To” books, books with projects of all sorts, and magazines too. Memberships vary from place to place, but if you’re on a budget then the library could be very resourceful.

I just noticed this post, but as a Librarian, I am so happy you suggested this! Also, keep in mind that many public libraries are open to suggestions from their customers/patrons. If you see great knitting books in the bookstore that your library doesn’t own, ask if they will consider purchasing them for the collection. Where I work, the folks who order books are very good about this. The more info you can give about the books, the better your chances of getting them.

Yeah for the library! :slight_smile:


I work at my local Library also. In addition to patron requests we do Inter-Library Loan. It’s a great service. It’s where you can request a book from another library. We have been in a budget crunch for the past 2 years so I believe we have been using that service alot more often than buying books. Our crunch is getting better though. I’ve notice a ton of new books and other types of media lately. Hurray!

I don’t know where I’d be without my library and inter-library loan! I use it all the time! In fact my library’s greatly responsible for my getting back into knitting, after a long haitus, when I rented EZ’s Knitting Workshop series, and got hooked again! Yay for libraries!!!
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