Library lookup project: amazing tech link

I love this little piece of technology- it lets you look up a book with an ISBN number in your local public library system. For example, see a book you must have on Amazon? this little program can check your library’s online catalog to see if it is available.

not all public libraries are compatible, but mine is and this is SO COOL. I found it through an amazing blog: tips from other hard working smart parents to make life easier. Asha’s comments are here:

the program page has various links to improvements, and comments about the program too. worth checking into! (ok, I almost said “worth checking out” but I figured that would be too corny)

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]My library has the catalog on-line. I use it almost daily to put books on reserve. Then when they are there, my library emails me and I can go pick them up! Quick, one stop shopping!:teehee:[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

isn’t that cool? I love to check out knitting/craft books before I buy them. and to have the library do all the “legwork” finding them is so nice!

Whoa–that’s really cool. Geez, I hate :sad: living out in NoWhere! My little community just got a library–I mean the physical building–about 5 years ago and technology :roflhard: well, we have electricity! :mrgreen:

Purlygyrl… LOL…I had this vision of your town having a building with monks in it painstakingly copying out pages of books like they did in the medieval era before printing emerged from China. :slight_smile:

That’s pretty darn close :roflhard: Our old library was a little building 8 feet by 10 feet-that sat in a lady’s front yard–if you wanted a book, you hoped Miss Dot was home, not out back in veggie garden or gone to church!

Gosh! I know of places like that in Aussie - mainly post offices in rural areas and of a bygone era. It’s great to hear of them elsewhere. I think they’re iconic and a blast really. :slight_smile: Miss Dot. The stuff of a children’s book!