Lg Skein of Yarn....how to double!

I am working on a throw and have a large skein of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. Previously I just worked with two skeins and held them togther. But now I am down to one skein left and need to double it. I cannot find the other end in the middle of the skein and it is making me nuts! Any tips?

Do you have a center pull ball winder? That way you could work off both ends of one ball. Before I had my winder I found myself in this situation with some regularity and I would just wind 2 balls…

Good luck

Suggestions here before have been to stick a finger in either end and twist in opposite directions and wriggle a finger around for the stray piece that may stick up/out…otherwise… I guess it’s unrolling it :frowning:

I was able to find the beginning thread on the inside of the skein! I got one good size ball but some of it got tangled up!

I always end up pulling a huge chunk out of the middle of the skein (either end). It always comes out with only one end going back into the skein. Then, there’s a lot less yarn in which to find the other end. Good Luck!