Lexie Barnes knitting bags


Does anyone have a Lexie Barnes knitting bag?http://www.lexiebarnes.com/collection/KFLO.htm

I particularly like the ‘Flo’ bag but am wondering what it is like for space inside.

Thanks heaps,

tis very cute… but really only looks big enough for a sock like project.

Yeah it says it is ideal for socks. But considering I mostly make scarves and would only have 1 - 2 balls in it at a time, maybe it would be ok?

Just ordered the “Flo” bag. Had it for a better price on their web site than any I had seen. Can’t wait to get it!!!

Ohhh good one:thumbsup: You have to tell me what it is like! I first saw them on an Australian website but they wanted $150:ick: Even with the conversion rate and postage I’ll still save around $60 which can be then spent on more yarn:roflhard:

Which one did you get? I like the ‘Baja’ print.


Got the “Baja”. I have looked @ them in my LYS and have lusted after it for awhile! Thanks to your post I went to the site and lo and behold it was cheaper than the one I saw in the store :happydancing:.So…can I blame this purchase on you to my husband!!!:thumbsup::cheering:

Had to get the Bali Hai one ,sold out of the other.:shrug:

I don’t have a LB knitting bag, but I have the Darling Diaper Bag. I have had it for almost 2 years and it is a great bag! I have the now-discontinued Hermosa print (skulls). It was a pricey purchase for me, but I have never regretted it.


LOL… yeah you can blame me:rofling: I’m always happy to help someone spend their money:roflhard:

Maybe they are on sale as they only have the one print left:shrug:


thanks mel.b

I have a Flo, A Sweetpea case (size small) and a Gem, all in the Baja print. I fell in love at first sight with the little skull flowers :drool:.

I :heart::heart::heart: the Flo for knitting. I don’t carry large projects around anyway (it’s perfect for socks and scarves) plus it works really well open on my lap while I knit. the built in pockets hold my tape measure, row counter, pens, emery board, and Post-Its. I use the Sweetpea as notions pouch.

the Gem is perfect as a purse when I make a quick trip to the store, etc. it holds my wallet, keys, makeup, and phone snugly, and I put the strap over my opposing shoulder.

I’m considering either the Darling or the Duchess as a larger all-purpose bag. my LYS had both a month ago. I may go back there to :drool: only tho, if they still have them, since I can’t afford to buy right now.

I hate to say this, but with all the knitting stuff I carry around,
it wouldn’t work. Looks like you can’t get your project in it,
and for what it is, it’s a bit too pricey.

I got my “Flo” bag today and I LOVE IT!!! Was not my first choice in color,that one was sold out,but this one is great.Nice size lots of side pockets.Long pocket on one side the length of the bag and on the other side many different size ones. Bag is big enough for at least three to four socks in progress,scarf,ect. Was on sale for $64.00 on their website and well worth it!!

yay! glad you got it and like it! :cheering:
I :heart: mine.