Lettuce have SPRING!

This is another Incredible Custom Fit Raglansweater - I have such great success improvising from that recipe! It’s how I’ve been able to continue to improvise without a pattern so successfully. (many of you ask). I love the shocking chartreuse color! So cute on, too. Wore it to class yesterday and got tons of compliments.

LETTUCE admire your spring sweater! Love how you used the lacy stitch pattern. Beautiful! No wonder you got compliments. :thumbsup:

That’s a lovely spring sweater! Great job on it!!

What a great sweater. Beautiful lacing. And I totally admire your ability to improvise on something that big. I’m not nearly at that stage yet. Still working on my second sweater ever.

Wow, you’re really cranking these one-of-a-kind beauties out left and right. What can I say? It’s another stunner–in every way!

Beautiful! What is the yarn, and what needle size?

Great color and pattern combination. It makes spring seem almost possible here in the cold east. Enjoy wearing this lovely sweater.

My Rav notes are here:http://www.ravelry.com/projects/MoniDew/incredible-custom-fit-raglan

I used Longmeadow cotton microfiber in the color “lettuce” on size 3 Addi turbos.
Thank you!!

Oh, I loved the yarn, by the way, and will be buying it again. I also bought in fuchsia, coral, and melon for other summer projects. Started another summer t-shirt style sweater in fuchsia already. You’ll be getting a glimpse of that soon, I’m sure. LOL!

Thanks for the info. I guessed you were using small needles. I like top-down raglan style sweaters, too.

Very beautiful, MoniDew!

Hey, your avatar is wonderful! You are incredible! You’ve really stuck with your plan! Kudos, little sister, kudos!

Thank you so much! Discovering the documentary called “Forks over Knives” on Netflix changed/saved my life forever! I highly recommend it!

Fantastic, Monidew! love the pattern.

Spring has sprung in your adorable sweater! Nicely done! :thumbsup:

Beautiful! I love it!

That’s very pretty and I love your colour choice.