Let's Start a Foot Chart [INCHES] (For Gift Socks)?

I guess this is sort of a weird request. :teehee: I thought we could compile a chart of men’s & women’s foot sizes in inches. That way, when thinking of making socks for people far away (as I am for this Christmas). We might know how long to make them???

I’ve filled in mine and DH’s size, please fill in where you can.

I will update the chart below as you add yours in inches. Please feel free to give some suggestions for this if you think of something.

5 1/2:
6: [COLOR=Red][B]9"[/B][/COLOR]
6 1/2: [B][COLOR=Red]8.5"[/COLOR][/B]
7: [B][COLOR=Red]8.5"[/COLOR][/B]
7 1/2: [B][COLOR=Red]9 - 9.5"[/COLOR][/B]
8 1/2: [B][COLOR=Red]9.5"[/COLOR][/B]
9: [B][COLOR=Red]9.75 - 10"[/COLOR][/B]
9 1/2: [B][COLOR=Red]10"[/COLOR][/B]
10: [COLOR=Red][B]10 - 10.5"[/B][/COLOR]
11 1/2: [B][COLOR=Red]10.75"[/COLOR][/B]
12: [B][COLOR=Red]11"[/COLOR][/B]
12 1/1: [B][COLOR=Red]11.25"[/COLOR][/B]
13: [B][COLOR=Red]11.25"[/COLOR][/B]

6 1/2:
7: [COLOR=Red][B]10"[/B][/COLOR]
7 1/2: [B][COLOR=Red]10"[/COLOR][/B]
8: [B][COLOR=Red]10"[/COLOR][/B]
8 1/2:
9 1/2:
10 1/2: [B][COLOR=Red]11.25"[/COLOR][/B]
11 1/2:
12 1/2:
13: [B][COLOR=Red]12"
[/COLOR][/B] 13 1/2:

Sounds like a good idea. Did you measure your foot or a sock that fits?

Nah! Just the foot…sans socks :teehee:

I wear a 7.5 and my foot is 9" long.

I wear a 10 and my foot is 10 1/2 inches long.

I wear a 7 1/2 W

And my foot is 9 1/2 inches when I stood on the ruler.[/COLOR][/B]


Ladies size 11 1/2:

10 3/4 inches

I wear a US 8.5 shoe and my foot is 9.5 inches long.

I wear a US 6.5 and my foot is 8.5 inches long.

EXCELLENT idea! Hopefully this will work for felted clogs as well? :slight_smile:

Women’s size 7.5, foot size 8.75"

Here are a couple handy conversion tables, charts and calculators to help determine rough inch measurements per shoe size.




(third one scroll down a bit)

Thanks for those links. I wasn’t really happy with any of them.

What I’m seeing from them and from the input of KHers here is that there is quite a variance in foot length to each size. (I have updated the original post, BTW, to reflect that). How about measuring some DH’s feet so we can get some men size as well? :wink:

For example, my size 7 measured 9.25" or 9.5" on the first and last links, but my own foot’s measurement was only 8.5". And yes, I did make sure I went all the way to back of heel and tip of big toe:teehee:

So really, I guess you can’t say every size 7 is this or that, but by inputting here we can get a variance chart. Size 7 will probably read in the final results 8.5-9.5"…I suppose when making a gift sock you should then just go to the safe middle ground and measure it to be 8" long.

Great idea! I wear size 9 womens and thats 10inches long.

We have some tall women here!

I wear a size 12, my foot is eleven inches long. Just bought a pair of shoes, so I know this is accurate.

I am a size 6 shoe and a 9 in foot

I was going to suggest that when posting size one should include whether that’s US or EU size as they are quite different. I see a couple of people have done so.

I’d also suggest that the measurement be done standing not sitting as the foot does lengthen when supporting weight.

size 9 and my foot is 9.75 inches.

Me too. I was beginning to think that my foot was odd compared to these other measurments.

My [B]foot is 10 inches[/B].

For the shoe size, well, I’ve got two pairs of Converses, so they are listed in mens sizes, but one is a size 8 US mens, and the other is a 7 US mens… there is not even a half an inch difference between the actual shoes.

The[B] mens[/B] [B]7[/B] is listed at [B]womens 9[/B]

The [B]mens 8[/B] is listed at [B]womens 10[/B]

(probably more information than you needed, but it can’t hurt to know for sure that there is not a whole lot of difference from one size to the next, with some shoes at least)