Lets Play Name this yarn!

Help me out here please! I got this in a grab bag and LOVE the colors! I know Ive seen it before but am at a loss. Thanks for playing!

It looks like a Penelope to me.

:doh: I guess you don’t mean that kind of name, huh?

I’m sorry, I don’t know what it is, but it is pretty. :wink:

sorrrrrry…too busy looking at the adorable baby! :heart:

You had me going there Ingrid. I thought, “huh, I never heard of that one before.” HA! Good one, whose next?

<giggle> The first background was my credit card statement. heh

It sort of looks like Encore… :??

I think its a sock yarn. Does Encore make sock yarn?

Looks like Koigu PPPM to me, though I’m at a loss for an immediate identification of the colorway. Try their website, you may have some luck.


I have no idea what it is but I know that I LIKE it!!! Very pretty!! :XX:

gorgeous looking yarn, cute as a button looking baby =D No idea what the yarn is so can’t help there but I can admire the pictures =D

It looks to me like this Victor Print yarn. See picture: http://wildstring.com/tab4/store/category/9ow6/Cascade_Yarns.html Click on the Bollicine Victor. I thought of it because I just got some in the mail yesterday and the colorway looks about the same. Maybe???

Thanks for that site! :happydance:

You’re welcome. I have placed 2 orders with Wildstring and have been impressed with their service. I ordered last Thursday, it shipped on Saturday and I got the package on Monday.

I second that - I think it’s KPPPM.

I second that - I think it’s KPPPM.[/quote]

I third that. That was my first thought. :thumbsup:

Kind of looks like Schaefer Yarn too. What fiber do you think it is?

Is it wool? I have an acrylic that looks a bit like that. samm

It’s sock weight, it feels like a merino. I first thought it was Cherry Tree Hill or Lorna’s Lace becasue of the colorway. I’m researching all the wonderful sites, I’ll let you know what I figure out.

KPPPM colorways change quite often, and the same colorway #a few months later may look a bit different.
looks close to 106L: click
or maybe 146: click on view colors, then click on the small rectangles to enlarge
??126?? click
??111?? click
??150?? click
??171?? click
??175?? click

WOW Jodi! Your good at this game!

Jodi is the winner!

I’m thinking it is 146. My version is a little more motteled. Gosh is all those Koigus purdy! How do you pronounce Koigu anyway? We should have a pronunciation list. heh