Let's help each other. What do you sell?

In reading the very interesting thread that MoniDew started below, it occurred to me that we might be able to help each other out in these difficult economic times.

In the Buy/Sell/Swap forum, there is already a sticky for people to post links to their [B]knitting-related businesses[/B], as well as links to advertisers who support Amy & Sheldon and our beloved KH. I know I don’t use these resources as much as I should. Let’s use all of them as much as possible! :cheering:

Also, how about using this thread to allow folks to advertise their [B]non-knitting related businesses[/B]? I’d feel better about buying my tea from MoniDew than a big online retailer, as just one example.

Plenty of folks out there must have their own websites, Etsy shops, or brick & mortar stores. Tell us about them! The only way we can support you is if we know about you! :grphug:

My dad and I were discussing something like this… More a dreamers idea (which I’m good at. But I’ve been told the world needs more dreamers. Not sure where I stand on that one. :wink: ) of what if people completely stopped buying from stores like Walmart and Target, ect. What if we placed the economy and each other before “low prices”? My goal is for the next 6 months, try to buy locally from small stores or online from other people (etsy shops, etc.) as much as I can. Sure, I know that saying I’m never going to set foot in a big box store isn’t feasable. But IMHO, I think we would be better off without them.
Just my 2cs.

Also, I wish there was a place like Etsy, for things more than crafting items. :slight_smile: Like dailey lifestyle kind of things… But thinking about it, there is nothing I can really think of that’s not on Etsy and that I cannot buy online or locally. :slight_smile: Ebay is another alternative… but I really disklike ebay.

What is anyone’s imput on this?

I sell diamonds. Really LARGE diamonds :wink:

I’ll buy diamonds from you Mike!!!

(Now lets see… where did I bury that box of spanish gold…)

:teehee: I don’t think I’ll be able to buy anything right now. I seem to have misplaced my gold. :expressionless: LOL

I really only sell some of the things I knit…I used to sell Avon, but, I was spending more than making so I quit selling it…lol…I really want to get into making my own lip balms and soaps and stuff, but, I don’t even have enough money to start up. Bah!

Oh yeah, to answer your question the first time, I sell market bags. (which, um yeah. Knitting and crocheted market bags are kinda hard to sell to crafters. ;)) LOL I’m hoping to add to what I am doing later on though. I’m selling in 2 locations, and I am hoping to start selling in 2 more, another local, and another one, local or not only time will tell. :slight_smile:

I sell shell necklaces. I live by the beach

I thought you were going to say, “I sell seashells by the seashore”. HA



I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Carey (Abbily) for her tea purchase! Yes, it really does help struggling small business owners! I think this is a great idea, having been a direct beneficiary of it already.
EDIT: We’ve now got a directory! :cheering:

Uhwh Warehouse

I think that’s a lovely idea!

Actually, Bonnie, let’s add you to the list as well. If you will, PM me your details.

I have started a thread for our businesses, and created that directory. It’s the KH Business Directory! I can edit every time someone adds to the list, keep it in alphabetical order and sort by type of business - like a Yellow Pages for KHers.


On an altogether different selling subject, I sell Mary Kay. Mention KH for special discounts! www.marykay.com/lori.a.gibson Cheers!

The FABULOUS Mod Squad is determining a better location for our little directory. STAY TUNED for further developments.

Anngellica, If you’ll PM me with the details, I’ll add you to the directory as soon as it’s assigned its permanent home.

Just Released: My Cup of Tea’s 2008 Holiday Tea Collection
:inlove: :woohoo: :cheering: :woot: :yay:

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I don’t sell anything… but was interested in this thread because I love buying handmade especially now that I know how much time, work, and creativity goes into each and every item. I’m a frequent flyer on Etsy! I’ll have to check out everyone’s items!

Monica, the holiday blends look fabulous! I am thinking of buying 2 sets and taking them apart to give one 1oz tea to each person in my office. There are 12 people in my office that I need to shop for, and I don’t really have the money to spend $12 on each of them. Are the holiday blends packaged in such a way that I could do that and it would look nice?

right now over in the buy sell swap section I have row counters and stitch markers for sale. Here is the linkto that thread.

If you’ll contact me privately, I will sell them to you “loose” for $5.50 each (no mini gift box or tea infuser spoon) The tins will have the beautiful pine bough label, so they will look holiday festive. They are being blended as we speak and I should have them in hand very soon.

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MoniDew, how fast do you think the holiday blends will sell out? I am thinking of getting one for my MIL for Christmas.