Let's go Skiing

For Christmas mom got me 2 Bea Ellishat kits the traditional and then the Skier hat. Really the traditional was suppose to be her hat…we were suppose to work on them together, but she decided she wanted to try toe up socks again :rofl:

Anyways I finished up the skier hat and she then said take my kit and make it…Here is the skier ready for the slopes…

Wow!! Very cool hat!!


I love it!! :wink: I don’t skii though, I snowboard so it would be super cool to make a snowboarding hat!

That is amazing! WOW… If I had the talent and gracefulness to ski, I’d kill to sport this hat on the slopes.

Very cool looking. I like those kits :slight_smile:

That’s beautiful!

Just awesome!!

Oooooo…you are the queen of fair isle! Wonderful work! :heart:

Wow! I am so jealous . I really must learn how to this . Brilliant work :slight_smile:

Way cool! Great job!

Gorgeous hat! I love it. What a cool mom you have!

:aww: I wish…one of my knitting goals this year is to do a lot more color work…I love it!

Rita~it looks harder than it is…once you get used to the lose tension it’s very easy :happydance:

She is the coolest she also spoiled me with Toftusies sock collection yarn and plenty of knitting books :teehee:

Thanks everyone!! :hug:

That is really cool!! I love the skier, you did a great job!

Wow, that’s fabulous! :thumbsup:

Incredible! WOW!

That looks fantastic.

Wow! That looks so awesome! You did a fantastic job.

Fantastic job and great site! I like the colors, too.

hopefully i’ll get to being that talented like u…:cheering:

It’s beautiful! Perfect for the winter :thumbsup: