Let's Get our Knit On at the New LYS In Atlanta!

Hi Ladies! Cristy and I picked a date for checking out ATL’s newest yarn store - Knitch!

We’ve picked Thursday, August 3 - 4:30pm to stop in the shop and have a look around. There’s plenty of space to knit while there too. I’m going to drop in and ask the owner if we can gather there and maybe bring some munchies and drinks to sip on while knitting. If we can’t bring nibbles, we’ll find a great place to catch a bite to eat afterwards.
Please let me know if you’d like to attend so I can give them an estimate as to how many will be in our group.

I’m lokoing forward to meeting all of you!!
:XX: :XX: :XX:

Cool beans–thanks for posting this knitwit–I was on my way to do so and you beat me to it!! If there are enough of us and we decide we want to eat out–I’ll make a reservation for the group if we can agree on a place to eat. Please post asap to let us know if you’re interested! :slight_smile:


Count me in! Thanks guys for pulling this together.

As far as the food is concered whatever works–snacks at the yarn store, meal afterward. Just let me know if I can bring something. As long as we have enough fiber :wink: we should be fine!

Awesome! Can’t wait to meet you both!
Cristy- do you have any ladies in the southside group who might care to join?

:oops: As soon as DH gets home and I can talk with him, I will be able to say yes or no. I just need to make sure he’s in town but I’m fairly certain it will be no problem. :oo: This is an open invitation, right? :blush: I hope so because I would love to meet some of you and be able to visit in person!

Countingsheep - Of course it’s an open invitation! I hope that you’re able to join us!

Yippie!! I’m so glad you guys are joining in!!! Yes, I think I have one or two people who might be interested in coming along–I posted on our yahoo group about it yesterday–One or two people I know in particular might be interested although I’m not sure if one can get off of work in time…we’ll see.

bumpity bump bump

:cheering: I can come play! :cheering:

So Thrs 3rd @ 4:30? Is there parking or is it “grab what you can find”? :oops: It’s been a while since I’ve been to that area.

I am most excited and can’t wait to meet everyone!


I’ve not actually been to this exact store so knitwit would probably be the better one to answer this question. I tend to grab parking wherever when I’m there–I have one particular location I go to that seems to be pretty lucky for me.

Glad you can come! And yes, the 3rd at 4:30!

Hi! There are a lot of parking choices —

-Metered street parking on St. Charles & along N Highland

  • tons of off street parking if you choose to park on one of the side streets or further down on St Charles
    -Free Parking behind the building although the parking is limited there because it’s also used for Harry & Sons, Surin & Atkins Park.

I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding a space - just be sure to stay away from the no parking signs :smiley:

just a bit of info:

I’m headed over there in just a bit to pick up some yarn for my KAL since it’s on the way to a meeting I have at 5:00. I’ll check out the parking while I’m there–I don’t know St. Charles that well but I’m sure knitwit is right about there being plenty of street parking.

Hello Everyone,
Where is the new lys located in Atl. I would like to go by there. Not sure if I can meet up with all of you on the 3rd. But I will try. :wink:

Here’s their website http://www.knitchknitting.com/.

I think it is very dangerous to have a yarn store open on Sundays and late hours. I like the idea in the event of a knitting emergency, I don’t have to settle for Hobby Lobby/Michaels/Joanns. But it might cause some issues with impulse spending!

Hope you can join us!

Hi all–I just wanted to report back a little on knitch…

parking wasn’t an issue but it also wasn’t easy–I found a nearby spot along St. Charles.

The shop is actually on St. Charles but you walk around to the back of the little area of shops on St. Charles–there is a sign directing you but if you turn left onto St. Charles from N. Highland, you might not see it–I didn’t. Coming from the other direction it is easier since they have a sign on the end of the building. When you go around back they have a cute fence and gate that you go through to enter the shop.

I loved the shop and the owner and went ahead and told her we were coming. I found out it’s her birthday that day. She said if our party got bigger than 5 or so to call and let her know–Right now I think we have 5 people coming at last count.

The only complaints I have (which aren’t her fault…will explain further down) is that she doesn’t carry Blue Sky Alpaca or Rowan yarns but that is b/c those two companies don’t want to saturate an area and they say she is too close to the other yarn store that does (Why Knot Knit–it’s 8.8 miles away but probably 20-30 minutes away with traffic). She is working with those two companies to get them to understand that 8.8 miles in Atlanta isn’t really that close when you factor in traffic. I loved the decor, the music, the yarns and everything. I spent quite a bit of time talking with the owner–she’s quite nice.

I’ve very excited about us all meeting there–any more thoughts about food? I’m up for anything but don’t want to go to a great expense. I didn’t think to ask if snacks are okay–it appears that she serves coffee upon request in her store–water too.


How about Noche for food? It’s a great little tapas restaurant - perfect for sharing & budgetting!

Here’s the menu…

I LOVE tapas restaurants. Sounds like a great choice!

Just reminds me of when I was teaching middle school, a male colleague (conservative and married) and I were in the hall chit-chatting while the students were changing classes. I mentioned that I went to a great tapas bar on a weekend trip to Boston. He turned bright red. I kept going on about the great food we had. He looked like he was very uncomfortable. I went on to say how my husband and I always like to find a tapas bars when we go on vacation to new cities. He walked away.

Later in the day, I mentioned this to another teacher/drinking friend and how great it would be to have a tapas bar in Roswell. Guy teacher walks in on this conversation and realized that I was talking about a tapas bar, not a top-less bar!! :shock:

hehe…I’ve had a similar experience w/ the whole tapas thing…it was actually with my dh when we were dating! LOL! Boy did he think he was getting a wild and kinky one! :rofling:

Noche sounds awesome–I’ve been there before and loved it!! Should we call for a reservation? By my count, so far, there are 4 people attending (including myself). If it stays at 4, since it’s mid-week, we might not need a reservation but if it gets bigger…we might want to consider it.