Lesson Learned..it's called a swatch

I finished a tote for a get well present. All the yarn came from KP except the yellow. I bought that at a fabric store. It was a 100% wool and wasn’t superwash. Anyway, the bag was gorgeous. All the colors felted except the yellow. I could cry. I should have done a quick swatch to see if it was going to felt. I figured it was a 100% worsted wool, so it would felt.
Lesson learned. Now to find a bright yellow that felts without spending an arm and a leg on yellow yarn.

Out of all the totes I have made, I have never had a problem.

That’s a bummer, but I would have made the same assumption. If it’s not superwash, why wouldn’t it felt? :shrug:

I have had a few lighter colors, like white take a bit longer in the wash, but this just refuses to felt. It gets fuzzy, but you can see the stitches underneath the inch long fuzz!

UGH! That is so frustrating!! So sorry! Can this be a design thing? I have a book on felting purses where this happened to the designer on one pattern and she ended up liking the final result. It’s now part of the pattern. Just a thought …

I wish. This is a tote pattern I have used a half dozen times at least. It’s that darn yellow yarn.

All is not lost. My six year old saw the disasterous project and claimed it as hers. She doesn’t care that the yellow didn’t felt.:wink:
It will be perfect for her small doll parts in the car.

I’ve never used light colors, but I have heard that they don’t felt as well. Yeah, as much as a pain as it is to swatch it’s important sometimes.

Yeah, the lighter the color, the more difficult it is to felt, or that is what I hear. I know that garter doesn’t always felt down if it’s a lighter color, but a candy corn bag I made, was supposed to look that way, so that was ok. This wasn’t…grrrrrrrr
The cloud, from KP, felts beautifully, so go figure.