Less to Choose From

The only yarn I have to choose from is 25 miles away at Hancock’s, Wal-mart, or Hobby Lobby. Last Friday I popped into Hobby Lobby to check their fabric and yarn departments. I hadn’t been in some time. It appeared that they had greatly scaled back their entire area that has anything to do with fabric or handwork of any kind. Is this happening in your area too? :gah:

I’m lucky to be surrounded by knitting stores.

Yep! There was at least one aisle less yarn and what they had was mostly the fluffy, eyelashy stuff. I was very disappointed because it’s a 40 minute drive to get there. Last time I was in Michaels (another 10 minutes of driving) they didn’t have very much either, but it’s been a while since I was in that one.

My HL rearranged their yarn section, not sure yet if it’s about the same space, or more, or less. They have added the Vanna yarn from Lion, and a few other ones, though…

I live in a small town, and just went to my FIRST yarn shop this past week when I visited Roanoke. A good friend took me to Needle on the Square and I was just in awe–being able to see the yarns made up into shop models, and to feel the yarns!! I have to order everything I knit with unless I get it from WalMart, and you know what’s there!:whoosh: