Lenthening a sweater after its been knitted

I’ve finished both the front and back of a pullover sweater and have decided its too short. I would like to add at least an inch to the bottom. The design is a simple knit/purl design. Is it possible to somehow pick upstitches around the bottom and either try to follow the design or else perhaps just do a garter stitch to add length? And if so, do you have to try to unravel it, or just pick up stitches as it is?

You can pick up sts around the bottom, or cut the COs, unravel a row or two and knit longer. If they’re knit in pieces, you’ll have to undo the seams to do each piece separately and reseam. And if you have ribbing on the bottom, you’d want to unravel to where that starts.

Here’s a tutorial on how to add length to a finished garment.
Here’s another one. THis one seems REALLY good!
Good luck!