lennon blanket

I am attempting to knit the Lennon baby blanket, but I am stumped. The pattern calls for 175 stitches. Each row begins and ends with K3. (2x3=6). The lace pattern is 12 stitches, repeated 14 times. (14x12=168). When I do the math, I end up with a total of 174 stitches, not 175. (168+6= 174). What am I missing?

Also, the 20th (and last) row of the pattern appears to be 14 stitches. How does that fit with the previous rows?

I appreciate any help you can provide!

Marcia Keys

Check that the pattern does not increase over the row count. Try a small sampler of the pattern repeat plus 3 stitches each side and work through a whole cycle.

Thanks for the quick response.

The pattern does not increase, which adds to my confusion. I like your idea about doing a sampler.

I still can’t figure out why the pattern calls for 175 stitches.

You need the cast on of 175 for the pattern. The chart shows one stitch (white square) and then a 12-stitch repeat (blue squares). So knit the 3 border sts, k1, 12 repeat x 14, k3.

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Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Now it all makes sense!