Lengthwise scarf

Hi, I’m a beginning knitter…still. I made a beautiful scarf with 2 Art Fibers yarns, Fat Cat and Baccarat. I knit it lengthwise on size 35 needles and did the bind off on size 50 needles to avoid a puckered edge. Unfortunately, that edge is so much tighter than my CO edge that the scarf pulls in. Now I’d love to knit Garns Drops Design lengthwise scarf with 6 colors of Manos del Uruguay wool. How can I avoid this problem? BO using two size 35 needles? It’s such beautiful, expensive yarn I’d love some tips.
Thanks! [ul][/ul][ul][/ul][ul][/ul]

How are you knitting the scarf? If it’s knit stockinette, then it will naturally roll in on itself regardless of the needles you use for the bind off.

If it’s not stockinette, take a look at your bind off stitches and make sure each is just a little bit wider than the stitch below them; that’s how I ‘measure’ my bind-off edges. (I never find them as pretty as the cast-on edge, but they’ve stopped puckering.)

Hi and thanks for your help. The scarf is knit in all garter stitch on circular needles- 200 stitches. It is very simple, but using the 6 colors makes it look almost like mosaic knitting. It’s very pretty. So my problem edge is the long edge.

You could try a different bind off, like the sewn bind off. It’s used for things like sock and mitten cuffs because it’s not as tight as a regular bind off. I’ve never tried it on flat knitting, though, so I can’t say for sure if it looks less puckered. I made a sideways garter stitch scarf once and did just use a larger needle to bind off. I pulled each stitch out some before binding off and it looks okay.