Lengthwise scarf on circs--frustration

I’m still a pretty new knitter, but I have a new project that I’d like to start, and it requires the use of circular needles.

I’m not scared, I promise. I know I’ll get the hang of using circs (and eventually DPNs) the same way I learned to get used to straights. However…something confuses me.

A while back I tried to make a hat. This didn’t work for various reasons, but I got the gist of using a circular needle–you cast one, then you start to knit, and it’s joined together and all pretty.

For this project, though, I want to knit a pinstriped scarf lengthwise, which means I’ll need to cast on hundreds of stitches onto circs. My question is…how in the heck do you NOT join the scarf? I don’t want a gigantic tube–I want to knit flat on circulars, and for some reason (even though I’ve searched and searched through the forum) I can’t find anywhere that tells me how to NOT join the piece together. I’m wondering if it’s unavoidable, and if so, how do I proceed?

Any help would be fantastic. I really do appreciate this, ladies and gentlemen!

I think you use the circs, just like straight needles. You have to turn the knitting around, to do the next row. You don’t do the join.

So I would do the long-tail cast on (the only one I know how to do, really)…then just switch needles and begin knitting? That’s it?

Yep, use them just like straights. Circs are great for large projects as you can let the excess that you aren’t knitting on at the moment be held by the loop of the circs. Very handy when you get to knitting sweaters or afghans or shawls or other large items that would be all crowded on a set of 10" needles.

Thank you so much! I’m kind of excited to get the project started, and I appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

I am tempted to buy a Knit Pick Options 60" cable… just so I can have a circular needle that’s as long as I am tall. (I’m a shorty, only 5’0" tall!)

That could make a really LONG scarf, especially if you scrunch it some! :teehee:

I have a 60" cable. Very worthwhile getting.

you will likely find, very quickly, that you won’t use anything but circulars. I have never used straight needles at all. When i took my first class i was a little disconcerted because these were NOT the needles my grandmother used when she knit. Hers were pretty metallic colors … these were bamboo circs. While i rarely use bamboo anymore, i would never even consider using straight needles at this point! :slight_smile:

It may help to imagine that you are using two straight needles connected by a piece of string. ALso remember to cast on and off SUPER loosely.