Lengthening a sweater?

I have just finished my first baby sweater for my first grandson…but it now looks too short on him! It is knit from “bottom to shoulder” with the first six rows in a garter stitch and then going to stockinette stitch. Is there anyway to increase the garter stitch rows at the bottom??? Can I pull out the cast on row, picking up the garter stitches and then “knit backwards” adding rows at the bottom???

Any advice greatly appreciated!

The same process is used to lengthen or shorten. Some info in these existing threads (follow links w/in posts):

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You can choose to lengthen the st st portion and redo the garter hem at whatever depth you want. Keep in mind that st st worked down will be 1/2 st off. It’ll appear aligned but at the edges you won’t have a full st. Not an issue if hidden by seam. (You don’t indicate what style of sweater you’re dealing with.)

You could also just pick up stitches along the bottom and work in the other direction. The stitches won’t line up exactly, but it would be much easier than taking out the cast-on. I don’t think the baby would mind much, either.:shifty: