Lengthening a Pattern - Twist Front Top

I found a great sweater on Pinterest. It is at texyarns.com, alpacotton, Twist-Front-Top. I want to knit this for my daughter, who is a slim 6’2" tall. How do I add length to this garment? Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

Hmm… I’m not sure, but maybe keeping knitting the pattern part as long as you want on both pieces. Since it’s knit flat and seamed that seems like it would work. Make sure you keep track of how many rows you add so you can make both pieces the same.

Very good looking sweater!
It’s going to be a bit of an experiment since you’ll be changing the drape of the neck too when you add to the length. The top is knit sideways so you’ll need to add sts to the cast on. Add in multiples of 3 since the pattern is a 3stitch repeat plus 1.
(To add 4 inches total, you could cast on 91sts. That would work without having to decrease one after the rib.)

Thanks so much for the help!