Length of time?

How long do you usually spend on a big project? Not necessarily a complicated one just a big one.
I’m just curious, BTW. :mrgreen:

On your standard worsted weight sweater? About a month to a month and a half. But, a fisherman’s sweater I did not too long ago took me 3 months, partly because I didn’t work on it like I should have.

depends on what i have goign on. I’m not doing much knitting lately… i have 6 online courses that have to take priority as much as i’d rather spend my days knitting.

A worsted weight sweater takes about 2 weeks, assuming I don’t do too much frogging.

And some of my sweaters have taken 2 years. I get sidetracked, or want to re-do the pattern, or do them in a different pattern.

My large afghan which finished is 84" w x 72" L took me about 3 weeks, and used about 35 oz of 4ply acrylic yarn.

It was the first object I completed since taking up knitting again.