Length of tail

I am casting on “slingshot” method and the instructions say to leave a 1 inch tail for every inch cast on. Since I’m casting on 103 stitches that would be 103 inches or 8.5 ft tail that I should begin with. Does that sound correct?

Hmmm, that sounds like a lot. I assume by slingshot you mean longtail? My rule of thumb is to have a tail that is 4 times the length of the cast on.

So if you are making a hat with a circumference of 22 inches you want a 88 inch tail to cast on. 103 stitches is about the number f stitches in the average hat so I guess 8 feet is closer that I orginally thought.

I would always err on the side of too much, yarn can be cut!!

The other suggestion I have heard is wrap the yarn around two needles 10 times and that is the amount of yarn needed for 10 stitches.

It’s 1 inch of tail per INCH of cast on, not per STITCH, according to your post. So you need to look at the gauge on the yarn you’re using and estimate how many stitches you’ll get per inch, then divide 103 by your gauge to figure out how many inches you need for your tail.

I’ve never done the slingshot cast on, so I’m just going by what you posted. :slight_smile:

I think it ought to be more like half an inch for each stitch. I only use about 2 yards to cast on 130 some stitches. Another way to figure it is 3 times the width of your item. If it’s supposed to be 20" wide, you’d use 60".