Length of sock cuff?

I’m making my first sock and following Silver’s tutorial. How long do you usually make your cuff? She states 8" of ribbing, but I’m getting anxious to get to the next part and am thinking 6" might be good. Can anyone show me pics of their socks and what the length of their cuff is? Thanks!

I think it’s totally up to your personal preference. Socks in the store come in all different length, so I don’t see why you can not customized your liking. I like them about 5" and that’s how long I make them. It’s the beauty of making your own.

skNYC is right - it all depends on what you want. You can even make them with only five or six rows of ribbing before the heel if you want.

I make mine short also. Even when I buy socks, I prefer the ankle sock. I think it’ll be just fine to go on to the next part, if they’re long enough for you already.

Thanks for the replies everyone! I’m just not sure where the sock will come to on my leg, that’s why I wanted to see pics. I like shorter socks, too, so maybe the 8" will be a bit too long for me. Oh well, I’ll just experiment, and if this isn’t right, the next pair I make I will know. Thanks again!

I measured storebought socks that I like, and make my sock cuffs that length. They were 6 1/2 to 7 inches. I think it is personal preference. But I sure understand about wanting to be on to the next part of the knitting!!! :lol: samm