Length of project VS length of needles

How do y’all deal with a project: example, a shawl, that requires you to CO, say, 100 st. Now, let’s say that your knitting needles can only hold 75 st. without having to bunch them together. Do you just bunch together the stitches, or what? :??

I don’t have a lot of knitting experience yet, but when I come across an issue like this, I like to work on circular needles but knit flat, not in the round. Do you have circulars the same size as the needles you are attempting to use for the CO? If so, slide them onto the circulars and try them???

I tend to bunch the stitches together when I really have to. As long as they are not threatening to fall off the needle I feel fine with that. But do what feels comfortable for you.


Nothing will happen if your knitting is bunched up on the needle. The only problems are that they will pop off the point and that you will have trouble counting them. That’s why knitting straight on circs is good. You can spread it out and have a look. When you put it down, you can let it bunch up on the cord away from the points.

You can actually fit A LOT of stitches on a needle. I usually use circular needles, even when knitting flat, and I was able to fit over 200 sts on a 29" needle with no trouble at all.

for large projects is that the weight of the article is easier for me to handle then if they were on straights. Currently the project sits on my nice round tummy! Am I the only one?

I dont even buy straights anymore. Circulars travel so well.

I remember the first trip I took them on, I was cussing cause I couldnt believe I didnt bring my straights. Five minutes later, I realized how less stressed my body was using the circulars. Now I give my straights away when I teach someone to knit.

Candace :XX:

:roflhard: @ your signature…Ok, continue discussion…

I posted that quote all over my house a year ago. Its amazing how much better I am at saying no to the things that arent necessary now.


I’m still new to the knitting game, and have only done a couple projects… with this baby blanket I’m doing the pattern called for circulars so I bought circulars… and they are clearly the only way to go! LOL… they DO travel so much better.