Length of needles for socks?

So I’m thinking about venturing into the scary land of sock knitting. I just got my order of KP’s Dancing yarn and plan to follow Silver’s Sock Class. I am thinking about getting either sz 2 or 3 DPNs. But what length do i want? And what is the best choice for a beginner on a limited budget?

Thanks so much! Everyone here has been so helpful. :happydance:

You’ll want to get a length that suits you - that is comfortable in the hands and isn’t too short that your stitches are slipping off.

As for what kind well that’s more of a personal decision. You might like the feel of wood to metal or it might be that you have more trouble keeping your stitches on metal DPNs so bamboo would be more suitable.

Making socks is a lot of fun - just follow the instructions and be ready to want to show it off to everyone once you’ve turned the heel! :wink:

I started off with 3.25 mm dpns I bought at work. They are 7", and made of smooth, but not super slippery metal. The brand is Red Heart, but they are made by Susan Bates. I paid about $4 for the set, which is about the same price as an average pair of cheap needles at work. I quickly discovered that I preferred having 4 working needles, so I bought another set. I would say that I have about 4 sets now of them. I also use 2.75 mm needles quite a bit. I have a set of Bryspuns that I’m using that I’m getting used to, but the set I bought {9"} is too long for my tastes. I have started a collection of SR Kertzer bamboo needles that are absolutely divine to knit with.

All that being said, here’s my 2¢ {CAD} for you. What kind of needles do you like with regular knitting? If you use metal, get a metal set; if you like wood, get a bamboo set; if you like plastic/resin, get a plastic/resin set. That way you are using needles that you are already used to what their behaviour is {slippery, grippy, flexible, etc}. If you can, I would get a set of 5 {or 2 sets of 4} so that you can try using 4 working needles, or if you lose a needle you have a spare.

I like to get 7-8" needles because they can be used for a greater range of projects. Like a hat when your 16" circ gets too small. Leaves a little extra room as insurance that your sts dont fall off the needle. :thumbsup:

Thanks! Normally I like knitting with metal, but i think I’ll try bamboo because I fear my stitches falling off in the beginning! The latest project I’ve been working on has been using bamboo so I’ve gotten a little used to how they feel to knit with.

If I get this booga bag done this weekend I’m gonna start the socks right away!

:smiley: Have fun with your socknitting :wink: