Length of cable needle?

I have what is most likely a silly question. But you guys are so nice I am not afraid to ask anyway! I am starting my first thing to be knitted in the round - a camisole top.


The pattern calls for a 27" circular needle. I have 24" and 32" cables (the fabulous KO set). Which do I choose? :eyes:


Is that the length of the cord itself, or with the tips added on? You need to choose whichever cable and tips will be less than the inches around the top.

32" I assume. However as I’ve only knitted in the round once you had better wait for more expert advice :slight_smile:

For mine I think it is the tips plus cable. But I am not sure what the pattern is referring to…

I would say the 24" cable. It should be pretty easy to put more stitches on the needle 24", but depending on how many stitches are in a round, it [I]may[/I] be difficult (or at least fidgety) to stretch it around the 32". I can’t imagine there will be too many stitches to fit around the 24", since it’s only a three inch difference.

It’s entirely likely that either cable is acceptable, but I’d say that the 24" cable is definitely the safeest bet :thumbsup:

(Sorry for making that a bit too length, but I’m tired and can’t figure out which parts of that I could leave out…)

I suspect that the 27" was called for to accommodate the number of stitches and to provide the correct circumference - all against the yarn recommended. The 24" is obviously closer and now I come to think about it would probably be better than the larger size indeed. Not possible to simply add a 27" to your repertoire of needles rather than being concerned as such? If you think you may use this pattern more than once I would tend to buy additional needles. As far as I’m aware the inches are from needle tip to needle tip and not just the cord.

Susan, I like that you are giving me permission to buy extra stuff! :yay: But if what I have will work, I am happy with my little KO set. I actually purchased a circular needle made by Susan Bates and it was kinda crappy. Well what did I expect for ~$6? The joint between needles and cable was snagging the yarn, and I have enough problems on my own without adding technical difficulties…

I looked at some Addi Turbos at the LYS just for fun, and they were like $20 and $25, a little out of the price range of the beginner…

…well, the beginner that just spent $60 on the KO set, plus um, a bit more, on several books from the KP summer sale. Thanks to KHers for telling me about the book sale! Well I guess thanks… you all sure do encourage a newbie at this hobby…:woot:

Rachel, I was kinda thinking the same thing, I can probably cram extra stitches on the smaller length but not necessarily stretch it to the longer one. Just wanted some confirmation! BTW I read your “non crappy projects” thread and you are nuts. Your stuff is so awesome. I am aspiring to be as good as you in a few months (since you’re a pretty new knitter). Your socks and that sweater and your fair isle hat and music bag are The Bomb. Thanks for the help, sister!:mrgreen: