Lena B wrap design

Here is my first Lena B wrap. Plain but soft yarn for a senior in a wheelchair. I love the squared back so it is easier for them. I want to get some pretty variegated yarn for the next one.

So easy to do. Lena incorporates different patterns in hers. This one is just garter stitch for my first stab at it.

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Nice would definitely look nice using an ombre yarn, something bright and cheerful

Lovely wrap and beautiful knitting.
The pattern is so adaptable. It’s given here, post #8:

Thanks salmonmac! Very clever to show that post here.

Hi, Lena B is such a lovely kind woman to make these wraps for the dialysis centers in her town. She has made soooo many of them ! Now she is making baby items to take to South Africa for babies there . I admire her so much.