Leisure Art Snuggle Time Blanket Pattern?

Does anyone have a pattern by Leisure Art Snuggle Time? The pattern was displayed in a yellow yarn and sort of looked like it had little balls in the pattern (although it wasn’t really). There are large pieces of fringe that you attach to the edge of the blanket as well. I saw this in some store and can’t remember where now. I’d love to make this blanket! Any help would be appreciated. This is all the information I can remember about it. Thanks.

I don’t know if this is the one – I couldn’t find any sites that showed the inside pages of the booklet so I don’t know if the yellow blanket is in this one – the title matches though. It looks like they’re all crochet patterns.


I have the Leisure Arts booklet linked above–Snuggle-Up Baby Afghans. They are all crocheted. There is a yellow one with fringe that could be what you’re looking for. It’s called “Fisherman,” and it’s done in panels. The wide center panel is popcorn, so it does look like balls. On both sides of the center popcorn panel there are 4 other vertical panels–cable, diamond, bobble, and twist. I’ve crocheted two other patterns in this booklet–Spiderweb and Ripples–and they turned out great, but I’ve never tried this one. It’s beautiful, but it does require a lot of joining.