Legwarmer pattern...?

does anyone know of good, tried-and-true legwarmer patterns? i’d like to make some but haven’t found any great ones yet. thanks in advance! :hug:

I just finished one set for myself out of some really fun patterned acrylic yarn, and I’m making another set out of wool. They are very simple–ribbing at the top and bottom, then stockinette for the main part. They work very well for me (my husband likes the air conditioning COLD so I’ve already worn them to bed! :oops:) I got the pattern out of Melanie Fallick’s “Weekend Knitting”, but honestly, it’s not really necessary to use a printed pattern; you can make your own pattern based upon your yarn gauge. Hers used worsted weight 100% merino wool yarn, and my second pair that I’m working on now are, too.

Here’s a link:


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I really like these legwarmers from Knitty

i have been contemplating these - just haven’t found the time (or the yarn) for them yet…