Legwarmer pattern like these needed

Has anyone seen a legwarmer pattern (for sale or free) like these?


One Skein has a pretty groovy pattern for legwarmers similar to this.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]You might find something here.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

One Skein has a pretty groovy pattern for legwarmers similar to this.

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]That’s the book I’m selling on E-Bay. I looked through it and it does have good patterns![/COLOR][/B]

The book “knit2Together” has a legwarmer pattern that has a lacey stitch pattern.

What particularly do you like about the ones that you linked?


I like those a lot!!! :inlove: I’ve come across a chevron lace pattern…similar, but not exact. I thought maybe if I could find the exact stitch pattern, you could design your own, but everything I’m doing a search on comes up with the same pattern as the one I found. In my sample (sorry it’s not the greatest image…it was bunching up when I scanned it), I used worsted weight 100% merino wool to knit the swatch, but the picture looks like they used a finer gauge yarn.

Looks like a rib (maybe 1x1?) in the picture for a few rows, then some kind of lacy chevron pattern. I don’t think that there’s an eyelet row for the ribbon; I’m guessing they just looped it through a couple of those eyelets.

A sock pattern might be what you need to find in order to get that stitch pattern.

Cookworm - so if I search for a chevron lace - you think that would do it? then just rib the top/bottom?

I HAVE the One Skein book. Got it at the library the other day. Passed right over the legwarmers. They are cute. It says circumference finished 9". Now I measured my calf and it’s 19". SO…if I knit these up, do I just double plus some? It has you cast on 50, so maybe CO 106?

I’m new to knitting math, so if anyone knows if this would work, I’d greatly appreciate.

Oh, and someone asked what I like about it - I like the “lacy” look of them, plus they aren’t super baggy - more sleek.

[B]take a look at this.


Susan those are darling! Thanks so much. Those go on my list. I have to knit 2 pair now.

I love those! If you find a pattern that works for them please share. :slight_smile:

Susan, I have that pattern on my list already. :slight_smile:


Your more then welcome![/COLOR][/B]

I think the look of the finished legwarmer would be [I][U]close[/U][/I] to the ones you posted, but not exact. The chevron lace pattern is the one I posted in the above picture. It’s pretty close, but not exact as the ones you posted the link to (the chevron lace pattern has more fabric to it, while the Nordstrom link is more lacy).

Oh no! You don’t have to adjust that measurement. I made legwarmers from another book–plain stockinette stitch, with ribbing at the top and bottom. Using worsted weight yarn (they used 100% merino wool), they have you casting on 44 stitches, and the finished circumference is 9.75". Now the widest part of my calf is 17", and these stretch plenty fine to fit–no need to worry about adjusting the pattern. If ti tells you to cast on a certain number of stitches, that’s what you should cast on…just make sure to check your gauge before you start. I think wool would make a fine choice for a lacy legwarmer–it would provide the warmth, and it would provide some extra “bounce” to allow for a bit of “give” to stretch out that lace pattern. That’s just my humble opinion, though.

The chevron lace is a nine pattern repeat, so if you’re using a worsted weight yarn–let’s say for example, Patons Classic Merino [because that’s in my stash right now and I can refer to it], gauge being 20 sts = 4" on size 7 [4.5mm] needles–you will need to select a number of stitches close to the original pattern’s cast on so that your finished legwarmers will fit closely to the pattern. The pattern that I listed as an example has you casting on 44, but making it in the chevron lace pattern would dictate casting on 45 stitches, since it would need to be in multiples of nine stitches. This would give you a 9" circumference in the finished product if you were knitting stockinette (the gauge swatch that I did knitted up a bit wider than 4" when I casted on 18 sts; not sure if that would happen to everybody, but it did for me) I hope I explained that process clearly…

I’m not sure what to do about that ribbing, though. If you try to do a k1xp1 rib in the round, I [I][U]think[/U][/I] you’ll have the beginning of the round with two knits together instead of fluidly going from k1 to p1 evenly all around (does that make sense?). And to do a k2xp2 rib, you’d need to have multiples of 4, and 45 (the number necessary for the chevron pattern) isn’t an equal divide. If it were me, I would just go for the k1xp1 rib, and just have those two knits next to each other. The ribbing portion of the legwarmers in the link you posted is so narrow–coupled with the fact that lacy legwarmers are very hot!–I doubt anybody will crouch down to examine the ribbed portion of the legwarmers! :teehee:

I hope some of that helped and that I explained things clearly enough. Good luck, and please post a picture when you’re done!!!:cheering:

Just a quick thought, I’m not sure if it would work. But, you could maybe start with an even number of stitches so the ribbing will come out evenly and then either increase 1 or decrease one stitch to bring you to the number of stitches needed for the chevron stitch. -Ve