Lego Knitting Machine

This could have gone into General Knitting also I guess but isn’t this ingenuity amazing! You see only at the very beginning what is created at the bottom…but what an amazing invention out of Lego!

:shock: That is amazing! It is slow but definatley fascinating to watch - and what a fantastic mind that must have come up with that!

Indeed! I can’t imagine having the level of patience or even spatial reasoning that would have required. I posted in the General Knitting form also - two other vids definitely worth watching if one wants to encourage children (boys in particular perhaps) to knit.

By the way…who did your avatar? Not just for Breffix :slight_smile:
Sweet. I love kids phonetic attempts at words.

Susan, thank you so much for posting this!

My boyfriend is a Teaching Assistant for a course in the Electrical Engineering department, and they use these Lego kits to teach robotics and engineering design principles. Last year, I (jokingly) suggested to design a knitting machine. :teehee: We both knew it was possible but seeing it in action is so cool!

I showed the video to him and he really likes it. He says it’s more complex than what they did in the course. It would be an excellent project but he’s not sure it would hold the interest of a bunch of 20 year old guys… :teehee: Now he wants to do it!

iza… He could tell them it’s making a kind of fishing net :thumbsup:
But it’s the application idea that’s novel. Obviously a lot of people making dynamic things from Lego but to use it as an effective mechanical tool to create ANOTHER item is tres magnifique! :slight_smile:

Yes Susan you’re right!

What I also find fascinating is how complex this machine is to do a task that is so simple to us. :teehee: Tells you how difficult it is to mimic a human activity!

That’s very true. I’ve seen people bale hay in a traditional manner but the first time I saw a machine do it I was stunned. It seemed so windey and complicated. But anyway, the concept should be great for 20 year olds. Either they could try and replicate and then work to alter the design to make a different patterning…or…aim for that from the outset. Obviously what is made is a tube and I guess a tube would be the easiest - heaven knows if it could make a flat!

Set it up in the morning … and come home to a beautifuly knit I cord … sort of like the crock pot of knitting :slight_smile:

Debbie… “Crock Pot of Knitting” :roflhard::roflhard:

:rofl: That is an awsome idea Debbie!! I hate knitting i-cords so this would be perfect.

Time to go buy some legos! :out:

That is fantastic! My 12yo DS dabbles in Lego Mindstorms – nothing quite this complicated – but he will love seeing this … I’m sure it will get his wheels turning.

Thanks for sharing!

Take a look at the vids I also posted in the general knitting forum…did I say that already? Mind blank. They are a lot of fun also.

That’s cool! Maybe I can get my brother to make me one! (He’s the LEGO Master:mrgreen:)

:passedout: WOW

I love legos and knitting, this is so cool!