Leg warmers on double pointed needles

HI everyone!
First timer, so hope I’m doing this right.
I’m working on a pair of leg warmers and I have a few questions.
I’m using double pointed needles and doing a 1x rib. The stitches on the column at the beginning of the row look a little loose to me. I’ve been trying to pull them fairly tight but I can’t tell if it’s helping. I this normal?
I plan to do this ribbing for the whole leg warmer. Is that advisable, or should I do the main body in knit stitch?
I have already done one pair on circular needles (which I later discovered was a bad idea, as the needles were too long) I did ribbing for the cuffs and stockinette for the main body. Turned out okay,but not great, too much stretching.
Another question; Do double pointed needles automatically do stockinette, as with circulars?
I’m using no. 7 needles and a Superwash yarn, if that means anything.
Thank you in advance!

Welcome to KH!

Yes, DPN will produce stockinette when you knit in the round. Any method of knitting in the round will do the same thing.

How long was your cable? If it was long enough you could do magic loop. For legwarmers I’d probably use a 40", but you might be okay with a 32".

Is it the purl stitch that looks loose? When I do ribbing in the round I twist the first purl after a knit stitch to make it tighter. You do that by wrapping the purl under instead off over. The twisted stitch will only show on the back of the work which won’t matter with leg warmers.

My cable was 16". The longest I have is 24". I did try to practice the magic loop but the cable seemed too stiff and it became a mess. I might try again or find a longer cable.

I think it’s the purl stitch but not positive. Each needle starts off with knit and ends with a purl. It’s in between the last purl and beginning of the new row (knit) that looks loose. I will try the twist and see if that helps. Should I only twist the last purl (where it looks loose) or twist the last purl on each needle. Hope i’m making sense.

Thank you so much for your answers!

Both those cables are really too short for magic loop. I prefer longer myself. I usually use a 40" for hats.

I usually do 2x2 rib and twist the first purl of each purl section only. Give it a try for a few stitches and see how it looks to you.

Make sure the needle you just finished working from and the one you are starting are as close together as possible. I snug up the first 2 or 3 sts on each needle.

You can knit in the round with 2 circular needles of the same size, they could be different lengths. You can even knit two at a time if the needles are long enough to accommodate the stitces. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=knitting+in+the+round+with+two+circular+needles

Just tried it for a few rows and it seems to be getting better.

Thanks again!

I’m trying snugging them up now. I’m actually holding them right next to each other and that seems to be helping. It’s also easier to handle that way.

I also love that video you posted! I need to do another pair after this one and i’m going to try that.

Thanks so much!