Leg opening

I FINALLY found a slipper pattern I think I can manage- but I am a little uncertain about the instruction of Leg opening. Here is an excerpt from the pattern (Ribby slipper socks by Cathy Carron)
So, do I need to change to straight needles and just work back and forth- how will this affect my current pattern, since it is in the round?
Rnd 6: *K1, p1; rep from * around. Rep
Rnd 6 until piece measures 3 (4, 5, 6,
7)" from toe tip. Leg opening: Working
back and forth in rows, cont in 1×1
rib for 3 (31
⁄2, 4, 41
⁄2, 5)" more—piece
measures 6 (71
⁄2, 9, 101
⁄2, 12)" from toe.

no need to change to straight needles. The great thing about circulars is that you can use them to knit back and forth. Turn at the marker as you would at the end of a row and work back over the sts just knit.
Follow the knits and purls so that the rib pattern continues. When you see a V, knit it. When you see a bump, purl it. You’re reading your knitting.

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I am using DPNs. If I go back, I will be on the opposite side, so my pattern will continue if I knit the knits and purl the purls? I am afraid I will end up with seed stitch. I have already taken it out once or twice…Is there a video that shows how to knit back and forth on DPNs in rib stitch?

Yes, just keep an eye on working knits and purls as they appear and it will stay as a rib.

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I couldn’t find a video for several dpns but here’s the idea of reading your knitting:

It’ll help you avoid seed stitch when you don’t want it or vice versa!

Thank you so much for clearing this up for me!