Lefty Woes

Dose anyone have a good suggestion about a left-handed knitting rescource? Everyone I know knits right-handed and have a hard time teaching me more than just basic techniques. In fact it took me almost a year to figure out how to get anything other than a purl stich because there don’t seem to be many lefties out there.

Also having issues posting pics, any suggestions?


Here’s a website that might help.
Learn to knit left handed

You might also try a class at an LYS or go to one of their open knits if they have one.

Thanks Jan. This looks like it’ll help. My other great woe is that there are no LYS in my area, just wal-mart and we all know how helpful they are. Oh well. I have some good yarn distributors that come through the local craft fairs every once in awhile. Thanks again.

I do have one piece of advice. Learn right-handed… I’m a lefty and I did. I actually learned to knit left-handed and it was such a disaster that I didn’t touch needles for 20 years. Now, I knit right-handed and I’m ever so happy! There’s another lady who’s left-handed and knits right-handed in my knitting group.

I taught a lefty to knit right handed and she does great! She’s evolved to doing most of the movement with her left hand while knitting English style and it works for her.

I’m a lefty, and it seems to me you knit with both hands, no matter which style you’re using. You might want to try both Continental and English to see which works better for you.

Technically Continental is “left-handed” in the sense that you hold the yarn in your left hand, and learning it is a TON less confusing than trying to learn Reverse English.

The booklet that comes in the Lion Brand kit (called “I Taught Myself Knitting” or something like that) has a section on knitting for lefties, and shows both the Reverse English and Continental styles, in addition to the regular “right-handed” English style. You should be able to pick that up at Wal-Mart for about $15, and it comes with some needles, a gauge ruler, some stitch markers, a row counter, and probably some other odds and ends I forgot about.

yesh, I’m a lefty too and actually found no problem knitting “right handed” style because as another member mentioned, you really do use both hands to knit.

I suggest ‘teach yourself to knit visually’ it is an awesome book

My husband is left handed and i showed him continental pretty easily. He just had to learn to do the long-tail cast on backwards. I’m ambidextrous, and I learned to knit continental also. The english way just looked so awkward to me. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the input. I feel that I should stick with the lefty way though or I’ll just confuse myself even further. I have found that on the basic stuff that I can purl eaisily with the english style but that in order to get a nice knit stich I have to use continental. We’ll see how this goes when I try to do more complicated work.

jlloyd, I am a left handed knitter who knits left handed English with a lever style throw. One of my daughter’s is left handed and knits left handed continental (holds the yarn in her right hand) and one is right handed and knits right handed continental (holding the yarn in her left hand). We all do fine! You will do fine staying left handed. Once you get used to a few basics, it’s not that hard to change the few things needed in a pattern.

While I agree that knitting is a two handed process, I believe that there is a dominant hand motion involved, so it’s not “equally” two handed. Many left handed knitters knit by using the left hand to make some of the motions that the right hand would have normally made even when knitting right handed. Nothing wrong with that as long as it works for them, but for strongly dominant left handers it may be harder to get to that point.

I can knit right handed English or continental and have done so enough to be able to teach right handers, despite my right hand being almost useless in terms of how strongly left handed I am. However, I just do not have the control and even tension knitting right handed that I do knitting left handed. I knit lever instead of continental because the left hand gets to do almost everything that way, and that works best for me.

When my left handed daughter was ready to learn, I had her try both English and Continental. She felt more comfortable with continental and it serves her well. She’s been knitting for just over a year and you can see some of her project at www.pinkdandelion.com I think you will agree that knitting left handed hasn’t slowed her down too much :wink:

Do what is most comfortable and works best for YOU and let us know if you need any help :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

I’m also a “true” lefty knitter (I work the stitches with my left hand, moving stitches from the right to left needle). There’s a free forum for lefty knitters on Yahoo that you can join called gnittink-for-lefties - this is the URL:

I highly recommend it, the members are very helpful - some are very experienced knitters and some are beginners but no one will tell you to learn to knit with your right hand!

Good luck.