Left Over Yarn

I have plenty of yarn balls that are too small to use individually for a large project. Just wondering what the rest of you knitters and crocheters do with your leftover yarn balls.

If they’re really junk and short pieces, I color coordinate as much as I can, use large needles and multiple strands, then knit them into floor mats, mats for under potted plants, dog beds, cat mats – you get the idea – anything that goes fast, has a purpose, and doesn’t need to be pretty.

If your scraps are nice and go together well, you could make towel rings, potpourri bags, curtain tiebacks, tassels, pompoms, or coasters.

If you have a whole lot altogether, you could make a “hobo afghan.” Just start knitting. When you run out of one color, add another. Leave the ends long and leave them hang when you add a new color. The result is a super casual, sloppy, fun item that always brings a smile. If you don’t have enough for an afghan, make a throw, lap rug, or foot warmer.

Sometimes I just save them and then they miraculously come in handy for stripes on hats or mittens, or you might be suddenly called upon to contribute an afghan square. If you use the same yarn in a different color at some point you can use them for swatches. Or as suggested above you could make some sort of afghan or blanket.

If it’s a scrap for a yarn I know I use often and will probably do another project in (ex- I use the same blue baby yarn for all boy baby blankets), then I save it. Even if it’s a short piece, maybe I can use it to sew a seam or something?

For yarns/colors that I might not use again, I group them by type (ex- I have a scrap box for nothing but Simply Soft in about 9 different colors), and throw them in a box. When the box is full, I either use them for a “scrapghan” as others have suggested, or work on charity items. Warm Up America takes donations of 7" x 9" rectangles, knit or crochet, which they join into afghans and donate. Banging out a few Granny Squares is a great way to eat up spare yarn.

It depends on how much, but left over mixed up colors make cute hats, mittens, even blanket squares. :wink:

I just started making log cabin blankets out of my scraps. I’ve picked a color scheme and all of that blanket will have certain colors-primary, fall, girly, etc. I’m planning on donating them when I’m done, most likely Project Linus. I’ve heard people do the same with sock yarn too. I’m using worsted weights on these, but eventually I’ll get to my baby blanket scraps and start in on those!

Dolls and stuffed animals are good, too. Last year I made juggle balls for our son out of yarn scraps. :happydance:

I was just about to say that same thing…

I use mine to make up little bears…like this guy…they usually take up less than 10-15 grams…

Hey Crycket!!!

Can you post the pattern you used for that bear?? He’s adorable!


It would be a copyright violation to post the pattern, but you can get the book or check your library. :thumbsup:

He’s adorable! Can’t look at him without smiling. :happydance:

I have a scrap afghan I love so much that someday, when I again have a bunch of same-weight mixed small balls of yarn, I’ll make myself another one. There are some pattern books out there that are specifically for scrap afghans.