Left over yarn?

I have just completed my 4th project and I find that I have small amounts of yarn left over. (1/2 ball or less) Does anyone know of a project that uses all different kinds of yarn? Thanks

hi tim, where in alabama are you? I’m in odenville.
for you leftover yarn, you could use it to make granny squares with a main color later to go around the blocks.

did anybody else notice that it appears we have another guy amongst us? i think the guys should all get together for a Knit in somewhere and freak out the locals! :wink:

You could take all your balls of yarn and make a funky odds n ends scarf or afghan or hat or rug. swatch them up with various stitches and then connect them together and make a knitting bag.

I’ve been using my leftover yarn to make cat-nip filled toys for my kitty. She :heart: them!

Birmingham, AL here.

Yes…another guy…closeted guy that is. I recently flew to Boston and took my knitting but couldn’t work up enough nerve to knit on the plane. I did, however, enjoy finding and browsing in a great yarn shop in Cambridge. Actually, while I was in the shop there were two other men that came in and shopped. That was encouraging. Not too many of us that we know of yet.

Tim –

There’s a book called Oddball Knitting that has some good ideas – hats, scarves, shawls, rugs, etc. I got a copy of it at the library. It’s a pretty nice little book!

I’ve not yet done it, but I intend to make funky, cool socks with my leftover sock yarn & then perhaps do modular knitting with my worsted wt :smiley:


Welcome Tim. The main yarn store I go to has three instructors; two of them are men!

Welcome Tim!

Cambridge is my home town! Glad you felt at home in the yarn shop. :cheering:

I love to see guys knitting in public. That’s how the stereotypes are being reformed.

Want to see more guys knitting!! :inlove: <----platonically enamoured with guy knitters.

There are afew here an there… hwoever… I still get suspcious looks when I’m in the yarn section or the LYS …

One person asked… “What’s you wife knitting” and I said… “I’m doing it” and they just stared… then I walked away… the local shops, the smalls ones, this is more of a culture shock… I now knit at the bowling alley… and don’t care what people think…

So welcome… and when out just do it, it will generate more questions, like “Whatca knitting” and such more than snickers… :slight_smile:

I saw some thing recently where a woman made a sweater by tying all her left over yarn together to make one big skein. She left about 1" hanging from each yarn so it made kind of “hairs” that would stick out. When you knit with it, you make sure the knots and ends go on the inside. It makes it reversible with one side multi-yarn/normal and the other side kind of wild with all the yarn sticking out. Not sure I would do it, but it was interesting.

for a kid’s stuffed snake - you do stripes in different colors - great for using up scraps and then you could donate it to a Toys for Tots project or something 8)

Depending on how much you have of each color…if you don’t have a lot you could use it for stuffing of a knitted stuffed animal

Tim~ i’m late…but you can send it to me! i want to make some baby blocks! got any babies to knit for?

Welcome Tim!!

[quote=“brendajos”]did anybody else notice that it appears we have another guy amongst us? i think the guys should all get together for a Knit in somewhere and freak out the locals! :wink:

I will send my little 8 year old MALE student who showed up to join the knitting club with a GI JOE box to hold his supplies. I should have known better. When he opened the box, there were his 10 1/2 metallic needles along with his ball of CAMOFLAUGE colored yarn! He is knitting sweat bands! And now all of the little boys want to join the club!

This is what I do. :thumbsup:

THis is so cute!!! :heart:

I ran across the link I was talking about earlier in this thread: