Left over yarn, after bind-off

Just a quick question…

My MIL asked for knitted ktchen washclothes for her birthday (monday). No Problem, right? I have the cotton yarn, I have a pattern (I found the lnk to it here, btw) but my question is this: what do I do with the leftover yard from my cast on, and my bind off? if this was something larger and that would take les of a daily beating, I would just take my crochet hook and weave it through, but… is that sturdy enough for this? Its only 4 stitches I am casting on and binding off, it just feels weird. :wall:

what am I supposed to do with it? the instructions just say “bind off” and apparently “voi la”.

Can you help me?

I appologise for my spelling and lack of previewing to check it.

30 lashes with a wet noodle.
So sorry.


Instead of pulling it through with a crochet hook, maybe you could weave it in with a tapestry needle, going under, through, around stitches, even splitting the yarn if it wouldn’t show too much.

If you haven’t done them yet, weave in the ends as you go. Use the bind-on tail to knit every other stitch on the first row and then do what I said above for the bind-off tail.

[color=indigo]Hi Ingrid

I realize this is probably very simple, but how do I knit in bind off tail? :?? I mean there’s only the working yarn. When I knit in the cast on tail I knit with both the cast on tail and working yarn. How do I do the same thing with the bind off tail?[/color]

I think this is what she meant -

It isn’t possible to knit in the bind off tail, as far as I know.
If you don’t want to weave in any ends on the bind-off side of a dishcloth, I would simply take that last bound-off stitch as a chain on my crochet hook, and chain a small loop. No irritating tail to weave in (I HATE weaving in!) and you can use the loop to hang your dishcloth from the faucet to dry.

Rebecca’s right, that is what I meant–and you’re right because you can’t knit in the tail.

HOWEVER, I think the loop-to-hang-it-up idea is the best I’ve heard in a long time!!! Way to go!

Ok, I don’t know how to “chain” with my crochet hook, could I make I-chord instead?.. and then, how do I conect the other end of the I-chord back to the knitted object? I don’t mean to be dense, but I can’t make it make sense in my head. Is there a tutorial on making chain, and how to attach the end?
Thanks so much.

A crochet chain is simple. Make a slip knot, pull a loop through it, pull a loop through that loop, and through that loop. I’m sure there are visuals somewhere.

I would just sew it to attach it.

An icord would be good too. Chains are just easier.

[color=indigo]Thank you Rebecca and Ingrid. I thought I was the village idiot because I just couldn’t see how that could possibly work. It’s nice to know I’m not stupid. :happydance:

Mamamoody, I learned how to make a chain stitch and how to fasten off from the Lion Brand website.[/color]

For weaving in ends, go almost all the way to the bottom of THIS PAGE to the JOINING section and watch the video on Duplicate Stitch joining. After Amy knits a few sts, she shows you how to weave in your ends. That’s what you would do with your bound-off tail. You can do the same with your cast-on tail, but I always hold mine WITH the working yarn and knit a few sts with both. (That’s an alternative to Ingrids method, which I may try next time I knit!)

thank you, thats what I was afraid of!

Off to finish these wash clothes.