Left over sock yarn

I just finished knitting my first pair of socks :woot: I had some yarn left. What do ya’ll do with the odds and ends that are left over?

I have been bit by the sock bug and can see this is going to be a problem :mrgreen:

As some said when I posted about trying socks I have gone to the dark side.:zombie:

Any way what do I do with all the little left overs?:wink:

I make bears…little 4 inch bears…I have one for every pair of socks I finish!

Aw! That bear’s so cute. Is there a pattern?

I crochet granny squares with my sock leftovers. when I get enough I’ll sew them together for an afghan.

here are 101 things (well not really 101 but alot!) to do with left over sock yarn.

there are lots of links to other blogs–showing finished projects.

Of course there is a pattern…winks

The Knitted Teddy Bear (by Sandra Polley) amazing book…take a look at my Ravelry…riddled with bears!

PS…I want one of those Icord doohikies…

Another thing is tiny stockings for Christmas tree ornaments (or if you’re Jewish, you can give them to your Christmas celebrating friends:-). Or you can make doll clothes, or baby booties. Even if you don’t have a baby or know anyone who does at the moment, they can be donated to hospitals or other charity services for parents who are in need. There’s a new book coming out with finger puppets. I like Troy’s glove idea in her 101 list-- I’ve seen patterns where the designer intended each finger to be a different color, and you could just do that. If you have pets or friends with them, you could make a dog collar. Coffee cup holders are small, and would be fine with several color stripes.

I always have little bits of sock yarn left and I’m going to borrow the idea I saw on Ravelry. A woman bought a tall clear glass container and wound each of her leftover sock yarn bits into balls and put them into the jar. I don’t know if I’ll ever have enough for that large of a jar, but I was thinking of finding a smaller one! Here’s a picture of what she did.

That is a cute idea to display the yarn.

My “sock yarn” is solids so I don’t know if this will work for you, but I save the tiny balls to use as color stripes for the cuffs of other socks.

Maybe eventually that “color stripe” will get so large it’s the whole sock.

how about working on a mitered square afghan? http://www.shellykang.com/2008/02/blankie-friday-wrap-up.html

I was thinking these mini-socks would be nice Christmas tree ornaments or great for key chains, also good practice but in miniature-

I make baby socks with my leftovers, which is great sock-making practice. I save them and use them as shower gifts.

Notice no one said “just throw it away.” :teehee:

Even the little scraps I cut off after I weave in ends… I’m reluctant to toss ANY YARN, EVER!!! :mrgreen:

Okay, I DO throw those away. :teehee:

You can save those for toy stuffing.

But I throw them too … eventually. I have a wad sitting next to where I knit right now someday I’ll get around to picking it up and tossing it.


In her book, “Getting Started Knitting Socks”, (pg. 80) Ann Budd talks about “Magic Ball” Socks. There is a picture of striped socks she knitted from a ball containing 5 different yarns, and they’re beautiful! She fuses random lengths of the various colors together to get unique yarn for unique socks. The whole procedure is described in the book - which, by the way, is an incredible book!

Yes, I’m becoming a sock-a-holic, too!

And I LOVE the little teddy!

Have fun,
Ruthie :knitting:

I make hair schrunchies to match the socks! They are really easy you just crochet around a hair band.

The horror!:roflhard:
What great ideas everyone! I might do the display thing. hmmm… i have lots of jars…