Left or right side of cardigan

I’m working the Left side of a baby cardigan (Sublime Constance Cardi).
Shape Armhole and Neck:
Cast off 2sts (armhole edge) pattern to end.
Does this mean to initially cast off 2 sts, then work in pattern to the end? When it says left side is that as wearing it and not as you look at it. I’m obviously a new at this, so thanks for any help. This has been a nightmare for me, so I want to check to be sure.

Yes, cast off 2 at the beginning of the row for the armhole and work in pattern to the end of the row. And yes, it’s the left side as you wear the sweater.
There do seem to be complaints about the way this pattern is written so you’re not alone:

Yes, I noticed the comments after I started. It would have been tremendously helpful to know how to graph the lace, so I could have more easily tracked the edge armhole decreases in this pattern.(or the pattern could have included it!). I have spent hours trying to learn to do that, but am no closer to understanding than when I started.
Thanks again for taking the time to respond.